MeiZen  -

MEI ZEN This system, developed by Martha Lucas and Denise Ellinger in 2003, uses shallow needling techniques with Korean face and hand needles. A treatment plan may also include herbs, qigong exercises and burning the herb mugwort to stimulate qi.

Si Jin Bao  -

Si Jin Bao (SJB) is a full-service Herbaceutical company specializing in custom formulations and proprietary herbal blends. Our team of herbal experts has worked together for many years to build a storehouse of herbal knowledge unparalleled in the Western World. Si Jin Bao is constantly researching ancient knowledge and developing new herbal formulas to manage problems and conditions common today.

Nefeli  -

Nefeli's all natural product line is developed and designed by Dr. Ping Zhang, doctor of Oriental Medicine, experienced and certified Chinese Herbalist. She implements the secrets of thousands of years of Chinese Medicinal wisdom into natural body and skin care products and protocols. Each product under the Nefeli umbrella has been individually created with a time honored blend of Chinese medicinal wisdom. And every formula is packed with ancient healing miracles whose power is derived directly from nature. The result is free breathing skin throughout your body with a nourished cellulite-free texture that radiates natural beauty. It's truly fabulous!

East West Med  -

Eastwestmed, Inc.,(EWM) with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, is a manufacturing and research company dedicated to the creation of advanced energy medical devices. EWM’s premier medical device, the Acutron Mentor, utilizes patented Microlight technology, and is the culmination of a line of devices continuously produced for 20 years. The Acutron technology obtained its first FDA Class II registration in 1988, and has maintained good standing with the FDA ever since.

Evergreen Herbs  -

Evergreen Herbs prides itself on leading the Chinese herbal community as an authoritative resource and innovator of the art and science of Chinese Medicine as a whole.

Dr. John Chen, expert consultant for Evergreen Herbs with dual doctorate degrees in Western Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine, has lectured throughout the United States and Europe and has written texts and manuals on the practical use and pharmaceutical research aspects of herbal medicines. He has played a key role in crafting the Evergreen Collections, a line of Chinese herbal formulas specifically addressed for today's ailments. With his knowledge, Evergreen Herbs is able to bring you the best of the east and west in each bottle.

Blue Poppy  -

Raphsodic  -

We, at Raphsodic Cooperative Company stand firmly behind our commitment to bringing amazing 100% vegan desserts to our community, our locality, and our world. Raphsodic is owned and run by vegans, who believe in healthy options that are beyond amazing in the taste and quality department. We love making scrumptious good-for-you desserts, that taste better than their animal-riddled cousins, and are filled with happiness, positive energy, and of course, love. Did we mention we love the planet and make sure that everything we do has a positive impact, we are continually striving to improve not only our ingredients, but to buy locally and reduce our carbon footprint in every way! Eat vegan desserts and save Mama Earth!

The Garden Diet  -