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Herbal Analgesic Extra-strength, to be used with other formulas to relieve pain   Strongly unblocks stagnation and relieves pain
Herbal ENT An herbal detox formula to reduce pain and inflammation in the ear, nose, throat and lungs   Clears heat in the head and upper jiao, eliminates toxins
Lonicera Complex Relieves wind-heat symptoms characterized by sore throat; also resolves oral lesions   Disperses wind-heat
Magnolia Clear Sinus Relieves allergic sinus problems with congestion and clear nasal discharge   Disperses wind and cold; opens nasal orifices
Pinellia XPT     Clears heat and phlegm in the Lungs
Pueraria Clear Sinus Relieves allergic sinus problems with yellow, purulent nasal discharge and congestion   Disperses wind and heat; opens nasal orifices
Respitrol (CF) Promotes healthy lung functions; relieves cough   Releases exterior wind, eliminates phlegm, nourishes yin
Respitrol (Cold) Relieves acute respiratory conditions with dyspnea, chills, nasal congestion and clear nasal discharge   Warms the lungs, dispels wind and cold
Respitrol (Deficient) Relieves chronic respiratory conditions with dyspnea, wheezing, shallow inhalation and general weakness   Tonifies and descends lung qi
Respitrol (Heat) Relieves acute respiratory conditions with dyspnea, wheezing, fever, dry mouth and thirst   Clears lung heat, descends lung qi
Arm Support Restores healthy shoulder, elbow and wrist functioning with freedom from pain   Dispels cold and damp, activates qi and blood circulation
Back Support (Acute) Relieves acute low back discomfort and pain   Disperses painful obstruction in the back
Back Support (Chronic) Relieves chronic low back discomfort and pain   Invigorates channel circulation and tonifies kidney and liver yin
Back Support (HD) Relieves pain associated with herniated disks in the spine   Activates blood circulation, eliminates stasis, reduces inflammation
Corydalin Relieves acute headaches:  vertex, occipital, frontal and temporal   Invigorates qi and blood circulation in the head
Flex (CD) Relieves joint point that worsens with exposure to cold and dampness   Warms the channels and relieves cold bi syndrome with deficiency
Flex (GT) Supports join and alleviates discomfort of gout and gouty arthritis   Drains damp-head, opens the channels and collaterals
Flex (Heat) Relieves joint pain with redness, swelling and inflammation   Clears heat and relieves hot bi syndrome
Flex (MLT) Promotes restoration of muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage   tonifies qi and blood, nourishes yin
Flex (NP) Relieves nerve-related pain and numbness of the extremities   invigorates blood circulation in the extremities and relieves pain
Flex (SC) Relieves pain due to muscle spasms and cramps   nourishes liver yin and blood; unblocks stagnation
Flex (Spur) Relieves pain associated with bone spurs and herniated disks   invigorates blood in the channels; disperses stagnation and pain
Knee and Ankle (Acute) Relieves acute knee and ankle pain   clear heat, activates blood circulation, eliminates blood stasis, drains fluids
Knee and Ankle (Chronic) Relieves chronic knee and ankle stiffness, weakness and pain   tonifies qi, blood and yin, activates qi and blood circulation, opens channels and collaterals to relieve pain
LPS Support Supports freedom from inflammation in joints, tendons and organs in lupus / SLE   clears heat, eliminates toxins, nourishes yin, tonifies blood, promotes generation of body fluids
Migratrol Relieves chronic migraine and cluster headaches   invigorates qi and blood circulation in the head; tonifies blood
Neck and Shoulders (Acute) Relieves acute neck ad shoulder pain   disperses painful obstruction in the neck and shoulders
Neck and Shoulders (Chronic) Relieves chronic neck and shoulder pain   invigorates channel circulation and tonifies kidney and liver yin
Traumanex Relieves musculoskeletal pain due to trauma, bone fracture and other external injuries   invigorates qi and blood circulation; relieves pain
Special Needs
C/R Support Strengthens the body and supports patients undergoing chemotherapy / radiation   tonifies qi and yin; harmonizes the stomach
CA Support Support for those who have an extremely weak constitution, such as late-stage cancer patients   clears heat, eliminates toxins, tonifies underlying deficiencies
Cholisma Supports healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels   dispels dampness; invigorates blood circulation
Cholisma ES Extra-strength formula that promotes healthy weight and levels of cholesterol and triglycerides   dissolves damp, eliminates phlegm, invigorates blood circulation
Circulation Promotes healthy cardiovascular functions, relieves chest discomfort and improves circulation   invigorates blood circulation in the upper jiao
Circulation (SJ) Promotes blood circulation in the upper, middle and lower parts of the body (San Jiao); boosts treatment effect in patients who do not respond to standard herbal treatments   clears heat, eliminates toxins, tonifies the underlying deficiencies
Equilibrium Promotes healthy blood and glucose levels   nourishes yin; dispels dampness
Gardenia Complex Purge excess fire characterized by fever, high blood pressure and rapid pulse   clears heat, purges fire, eliminates toxins
Gastrodia Complex Promotes healthy blood pressure to counter deficient conditions   reduces liver yang rising; tonifies liver and kidney yin
Gentiana Complex Promotes healthy blood pressure to reduce excess conditions   dispels fire and damp-heat in the liver channels
Gentle Lax (Deficient) Relieves chronic constipation   moistens the intestines by nourishing yin and blood
Gentle Lax (Excess) Relieves acute constipation   purges the intestines and unblocks stagnation
Imperial Tonic A total body tonic to improve the constitution   tonifies qi, blood, yin and yang
Notoginseng 9 Stops bleeding   cools the blood, disperses blood stasis
Osteo 8 Comprehensive bone support formula to increase bone density, maintain strong bones, and facilitate healing of bone injuries   replenishes kidney jing (essence)
Symmetry Alleviates facial pain and numbness Dispels wind attack
Thyrodex Relieves conditions associated with excess thyroid hormones   drains liver fire; softens hardness
Thyro-forte Relieves conditions associated with insufficient thyroid hormones   tonifies kidney and spleen yang
Herbalite Promotes weight loss by suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and energy level   clears heat in the stomach; dispels dampness
Polygonum 14 A general hair tonic to promote healthy, shiny hair   tonifies liver blood and kidney yin
Shine Enhances mood, promotes positive outlook; increases energy and interest   disperses phlegm and stagnation of qi, blood, food and damp
Dermatrol (HZ) Eases the pain and discomfort of shingles   drains damp-heat, purges fire, eliminates toxins, tonifies the underlying deficiencies
Dermatrol (PS) Relieves severe itching, dry, silvery flakes and scaling papules on the skin   clears heat and detoxifies; nourishes blood
Dissolve GS Promotes healthy liver and gallbladder functioning, promotes dissolution of gallstones   spreads liver qi; clears damp-heat in the gall bladder
Dissolve KS Promotes healthy kidney and bladder functions   treats shi lin (stone-related dysuria)
Herbal ABX An herbal antibiotic formula to address bacterial, viral and fungal conditions   clears heat and detoxifies
Herbal DRX Promotes healthy water metabolism in the body to reduce swelling and water retention   drains dampness, eliminates water accumulation
Herbal DTX Detoxifies adverse reactions from exposure to drugs, chemicals, heavy metals, environmental and airborne toxins   clears heat, detoxifies, and nourishes yin
Kidney DTX Promotes the regular functioning of the kidneys   detoxifies kidney, clears heat, dispels dampness
Liver DTX Protects the liver and prevents damage from the foreign substances; enhances liver function   clears heat and detoxifies the liver
Resolve (AI) An herbal anti-inflammatory formula to reduce swelling, enlargement and nodules   disperses phlegm stagnation; clears heat and detoxifies
Silerex Relieves general skin conditions and irritation, such as itching, rashes and hypersensitivity   clears heat and disperses wind; stops itching
Adrenoplex Strengthens adrenal functions:  assists patients who are "burned out" and have decreased mental and physical functions   tonifies kidney qi
Astringent Complex     Clears heat, cools blood, and eliminates toxins
Balance (Cold) Regulates menstruation, relieves symptoms such as fatigue, cold extremities and dizziness   nourishes liver blood; dispels dampness and cold
Balance (Heat) Relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, insomnia and mood swings   clears deficient heat
Calm Reduces stress, frustration, irritability, anxiety, and emotional disturbances   spreads liver qi; relieves stagnation
Calm (JR) Relieves restlessness and inability to concentrate in children or adults   extinguishes liver wind; nourishes the shen (spirit)
Calm ES An extra-strength formula to reduce severe restlessness, stress and anxiety   purges liver fire; tranquilizes the shen (Spirit)
Calm ZZZ Promotes restful sleep and counters stress, anxiety and restlessness in patients with underlying weakness and deficiency   clams the shen (spirit), regulates liver qi, sedates liver fire, tonifies the underlying deficiencies
Cordyceps 3 General support to improve immune and reproductive functions   tonifies lung and kidney qi
Enhance Memory Strengthens cognitive functions to address forgetfulness and poor memory   tonifies the heart and kidney jing (essence)
GI Care Relieves hyperacidity and pain of the stomach and duodenum   clears stomach fire and relieves pain
GI Care (HMR) Eases pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids   clears damp-heat, eliminates toxic-heat from the intestines
GI Care (UC) Relieves ulceration of the colon and rectum with diarrhea, mucus, blood and abdominal cramps   clears damp-heat; binds the intestines; stops bleeding
GI Care II Relieves burning diarrhea due to infection or improper food intake   clears damp-heat and toxic-heat in the intestines; relieves diarrhea
GI Harmony Relieves irritation of the bowels manifesting in gas, pain and alternating loose stool and constipation   spreads liver qi; relieves diarrhea
GI Tonic Comprehensive digestive support to strengthen and tonify the gastrointestinal system   tonifies spleen qi; binds the intestines
Immune + Promotes and strengthens immune function   tonifies wei (defensive) qi
Kidney Tonic (Yang) A comprehensive Kidney yang tonic tonifies kidney yang
Kidney Tonic (Yin) A comprehensive Kidney yin tonic tonifies kidney yin
Neuro Plus Supports normal, healthy nervous system functions, slows neuro-degenerative processes   tonifies kidney yang; opens channels and collaterals
Nourish Restores normal endocrine functions by nourishing the Liver ad Kidney yin   nourishes kidney yin
Nourish (Fluids) Nourishes yin and body fluids affected by dryness   nourishes yin and replenishes body fluids
Schisandra ZZZ Promotes normal patterns of sleep; relieves excessive worrying; supports individuals with blood deficiency and general weakness   tonifies spleen and heart blood; tranquilizes the shen (spirit)
Blossom (Phase 1) Promotes optimum female fertility;: menstrual phase support   regulates menstruation, relieves pain
Blossom (Phase 2) Promotes optimum female fertility:  follicular phase support   tonifies qi and blood, nourishes kidney jing (essence)
Blossom (Phase 3) Promotes optimum female fertility: ovulatory phase support   tonifies ming men (life gate) fire and kidney yang
Blossom (Phase 4) Promotes optimum female fertility: luteal phase support   move qi and blood
Menotrol Enhances fertility, promotes normal menstruation for women with cold constitution, irregular, delayed or no menstruation   tonifies kidney yang; invigorates blood
Mense-Ease Relieves pain and discomfort of difficult menstruation   invigorates blood circulation and removes stasis; relieves pain
P-Stalin Relieves urinary discomfort associated with enlarged prostate gland   disperses stagnation and relieves lin syndrome
Resolve (Lower) Resolves ovarian and uterine cysts and fibroids   disperses blood stasis and phlegm accumulation
Resolve (Upper) Resolves breast lumps and cysts   spreads liver qi; disperses phlegm accumulation
Venus Increases the size and improves the shape of breasts; increases libido in women   tonifies kidney yang; invigorates blood circulation
Vibrant Boosts energy and vitality; increases mental awareness and physical stamina   tonifies qi
Vital Essence Promotes optimum male fertility; enhances sperm motility, mobility and count   tonifies kidney yin, yang and jing (essence)
Vitality Enhances sexual and reproductive functions; increases libido, vitality and stamina in men   tonifies kidney yang and jing (essence)
V-Stalin Relieves itching, inflammation, discomfort and abnormal discharge in the genital area   dispels damp-heat in the lower jiao